Saturday, October 22

More Kittens!!!!

So...It wasn't long after our cat, Bobby-Jo, had her first batch of kitties that she wondered home again fat. We waited, and waited, and waited. On the big day, August 20th, the kittie had a whopping 8 kittens! She had four orange, one gray, and three creamy coffee colored kittens. Let's see if I can even name them all. Detective Sherlock, Dr. Warson, Madam Pinkerton, Professor Galileo, Tumbleweed Dusty, Sir Meowington, Mr. Darcy, and Inspector Clouseau. That should be all of em. ;)

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

And here have the smitten Mr. Darcy.

...and curious Dr. Watson

Thursday, August 18


 So... when Jeremiah's birthday was rolling around, and since it was his big 3.0., we were brainstorming on what we could do to make it extra special. Now Jeremiah has always loved baseball, but especially the Cubs... it's just his thing. And thanks to our creative Abby we started checking into some Cubs tickets, got a big group together, and surprised him with a Cubs game. But, just not any Cubs game! It was Cubs VS. Brewers, and to make it even better at the "one and only" Wrigley Field. We hopped on a train to Chicago and walked to the baseball stadium. 


Getting some train tickets...


~waiting for the train~


Walking to Wrigley Field.

We have arrived!

Filled up stadium...

...and the game begins.

He pitches the ball...

Strike one!

How many Cubs' fans in this picture? Answer: Lots! :)

Intense moment.

And the Cubs win 6:1


Now just the finishing touch:

Image result for classic chicago cubs

Image result for classic chicago cubs black and white

Saturday, May 21


To our surprise Abby's crazy cat, Bobbie-Jo, wandered home one day fat. It didn't take long for us to discover there was more than just food in her tummy! We put her in the garage with a fluffy hut. We waited in anticipation two weeks before she finally popped. It was the Sunday of April 24th when we came home from church and Anna routinely went to go check on her. She stormed back into the house in with excitement to bring the news. It wasn't all good of the kittens had been born outside her warm little house. By the time we found her she was refrigerator cold, though she wasn't completely dead. We brought the limp little kitten inside to warm her up. We wrapped her up and put her on the heating pad. It wasn't long before she came back to life and started wiggling... Whew! We were ecstatic! Now she can beat up her pathetic brothers no problem. ;)



The tough little cookie... ;)

They grow so fast! 

~This is Lewis (Jerry Lewis)~

Martin and Puddleglum in a duel.

They're ADORABLE!!!

Monday, March 28


What?! It's Easter? As we were sitting in Black Friday service it hit me that it was already Easter, again! We were once again reminded of that amazing love our Savior had for us as He hung on that cross to take away our sins and shame. Really, the only thing I can say is, "Wow!" That's pretty amazing that anyone, especially a holy God could love us so much...
Well, after mourning the death of our Savior, Sunday morning we celebrate with joy in our hearts that nothing could hold our awesome God down, not even death itself. For that day 2,000 years ago death was conquered! :)
Of course something like this could not be passed by without a party!!! So, Sunday we enjoyed a family dinner, excited chatting, and a crazy game!

Punch (this happens to be one my favorites)!

Well, it's not a traditional Easter meal, but we gotta mix it up somehow! ;)


For the fun of it we decided to do a game that everyone would get into and could very easily be Easter appropriate. so, obviously picked charades. Anna had fun putting it together and giving everyone a hard one! She got a few glares! ;)

She went easy on Jer and Marie, though!

 Trying to act out the crucifixion...

As for Jacob and Mandie... Ha! They got the twelve disciples. :)

Dirt dessert! Yum. :)

~Hanging out~

And of course, CANDY!!!!!!!!!